Explore the Top Selling Domain Names

There are nearly 100 domain names that have been sold for a million dollars or more; the highest of which sold in 2010 for $13 million. Exploring the highest-valued domains can help provide insight to the rising popularity of top-level domains. The list includes websites from all industries, many of which already have related top-level domain extensions available in the marketplace.

Record Top Level Domain Sales for 2016

Business and Finance

One of the most prevalent areas to show up on the list is the business and finance industry. Websites such as loans, creditcards, savings and mortgage .com have all been sold for over a million dollars. Likewise, the business and finance industry is one that has plenty of TLD extensions available, including .attorney, .credit and .mortgage.

Food and Beverage

The themes for the top selling domain names are in line with the biggest economic industries, and the food and beverage industry is no exception. General domains that have sold high include beer, wine, candy and pizza.com. Using an available extension such as .cafe, .coffee or .wine is a great way to get primary industry keywords into your URL without adding a lot of characters.


Though a broad category, shopping websites covering most common purchases are all in the top 100 highest sellers and include toys, clothes, autos and shop.com. Along with .shopping, several product-specific TLD extensions have been made available such as .clothing, .jewelry and .diamonds.

TLD Benefits

While they continue to grow in popularity, a generic TLD extension can offer several benefits in a variety of uses. They are flexible for new or existing companies choosing to either build a new website or simply redirect to existing content. SEO results are constantly tweaked by Google, and a generic TLD can be another useful tool to continuously improve and manage your SEO rankings.

Leasing a gTLD can also be a much more cost effective option. You will be able to dedicate more money to other critical areas of your business and remain open to new opportunities to improve your organization’s internet presence. The lease option can help you gauge the true value of your gTLD and guide you down the road toward the possibility of a lease-to-own or outright purchase agreement.