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New Top Level Domains Are Dominating SEO

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CyberLease sells, leases, and rents Top Level Domains.    Top Level Domains were introduced to help organize the the internet.   These new extensions are making finding web content much easier.   By leasing a powerful, easy to remember domain makes it for your customer to find your site.   These category busting domains will become priceless as soon as they have been discovered.

With 70 new domains created a minute, we believe that online merchants will have to own a Top Level Domain to compete with today’s SEO.  While having up to date meta tags, meta phrases, and accurate keywords are important for search engine optimization, having the right Top Level Domain will be just as important, if not more important, than old .coms, .info’s, and so forth.

Websites will need to categorize. “Long winded” domain names will get crushed in the SEO algorithms.

With the internet growing so fast, companies may need more than one website to win the SEO game.  Top Level Domains or TLD’s have better SEO ranking power and allow the web user to find more specific content.  Companies will use a Top Level Domain to win the SEO game in a highly competitive world wide web.

Original websites using their existing or proprietary name (.com, .co, or .net etc.) and a TLD domain are driving targeted traffic to their company using this new organic SEO practice.  Companies that have switched over to a new TLD are finding their way up the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) at a very surprising rate.

Search engines are already categorizing searches. This is evident in Google’s “Image” Search. Look at the colored boxes.  These new search tactics are in effect.   Grab your new Top Level Domain at Cyber Lease.

Our Customers Understand That Their Online Presence Is Crucial

Today’s companies depend on their websites to drive acquisition and sales.  A website is secondary only to a physical storefront — and with 80% of consumers looking at a website before entering a store, this is quickly changing.  There are trillions of web pages to date. It can be very difficult to be found if one is selling a product in a highly completive industry. The new Top Level Domains (with endings like .clothing, .insurance, and .store replacing the .com’s) have made searching very efficient, helping websites and companies get discovered much easier.

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