Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD).

CyberLease Introducing the gTLD

Introducing the generic Top Level Domain (gTLD).

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The Internet is cleaning house with generic Top Level Domains.  Start Getting Powerful SEO Results with a Premium gTLD.

The Internet is categorizing itself.  The days of “long winded” .Com’s are finished.  If a website address is more than two words or not made of the root word of what a person is searching, it is very unlikely that the site will be found in the first few pages as these new gTLD’s take over SEO.   

There are just too many misspelled or conjured up words for websites.  The Internet has addressed this problem by introducing the generic Top Level Domain.  Most SEO experts call them gTLD’s.

The gTLD is changing the way companies host themselves online.  Lease or purchase a generic Top Level Domain from and start getting incredibly powerful SEO results.

By Sean Chalfin, Cyber.Lease CEO.

Sunrise Period – Get In Early To Score A Great gTLD

Get In Early After The Sunrise Period To Score A Great gTLD

More New Domains Hit Sunrise Period

We often mention how quickly the marketplace for new generic top-level domains is changing and growing. Along with hosting the largest catalog of new domains available for lease, we aim to keep you up to speed with emerging domains in order to best help you plan for your company’s web presence needs.

Though the new year is still fairly fresh, several gTLDs have entered the Sunrise Period. Under the established rules for rolling out new domains, the Sunrise Period is a time designated for trademark holders to pre-register domains in order to protect their intellectual property. Once this period passes, these new gTLDs will head toward general availability.


This was the first to enter the Sunrise Period this year on January 4th, and will remain in the Sunrise Period until March 5. While the obvious application for this gTLD would be for Broadway musicals and companies associated with it, it could grow beyond that. It is not uncommon to see local music stores, dance studios, and other arts-affiliated organizations brand themselves aligned with Broadway.


.Hospital began the Sunrise Period on January 10th, and will close the period on March 11th. Much like .broadway, this gTLD seems like it will have a more specific, industry-based application. The healthcare industry is incredibly competitive, especially in the digital marketing realm, so it would not be surprising to see hospital systems begin utilizing this gTLD to boost their SEO efforts.


The third new gTLD to enter the Sunrise Period this year is also the one with the most widespread potential usage. The period opened on January 23rd and will close on March 24th. It will be very interesting to see all the creative ways that companies build websites with this gTLD. Fun is certainly a universal concept, and it could be used for entertainment-based companies or to highlight special projects or events, much like Sony has done with their Lost in Music project.

One of the benefits with having so many gTLDs reaching widespread availability is how flexible it lets companies be with their web presence. With the largest continuously growing catalog of domains available for lease, we believe we can help you achieve your website and SEO goals. While these new domains go through their Sunrise Periods, you can contact us or explore our catalog to learn what other options are available in your industry.