Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD).

CyberLease Introducing the gTLD

Introducing the generic Top Level Domain (gTLD).

CyberLease, LLC owns 2,209 gTLD’s.  They are for lease or sale.

The Internet is cleaning house with generic Top Level Domains.  Start Getting Powerful SEO Results with a Premium gTLD.

The Internet is categorizing itself.  The days of “long winded” .Com’s are finished.  If a website address is more than two words or not made of the root word of what a person is searching, it is very unlikely that the site will be found in the first few pages as these new gTLD’s take over SEO.   

There are just too many misspelled or conjured up words for websites.  The Internet has addressed this problem by introducing the generic Top Level Domain.  Most SEO experts call them gTLD’s.

The gTLD is changing the way companies host themselves online.  Lease or purchase a generic Top Level Domain from and start getting incredibly powerful SEO results.

By Sean Chalfin, Cyber.Lease CEO.

Sunrise Period – Get In Early To Score A Great gTLD

Get In Early After The Sunrise Period To Score A Great gTLD

More New Domains Hit Sunrise Period

We often mention how quickly the marketplace for new generic top-level domains is changing and growing. Along with hosting the largest catalog of new domains available for lease, we aim to keep you up to speed with emerging domains in order to best help you plan for your company’s web presence needs.

Though the new year is still fairly fresh, several gTLDs have entered the Sunrise Period. Under the established rules for rolling out new domains, the Sunrise Period is a time designated for trademark holders to pre-register domains in order to protect their intellectual property. Once this period passes, these new gTLDs will head toward general availability.


This was the first to enter the Sunrise Period this year on January 4th, and will remain in the Sunrise Period until March 5. While the obvious application for this gTLD would be for Broadway musicals and companies associated with it, it could grow beyond that. It is not uncommon to see local music stores, dance studios, and other arts-affiliated organizations brand themselves aligned with Broadway.


.Hospital began the Sunrise Period on January 10th, and will close the period on March 11th. Much like .broadway, this gTLD seems like it will have a more specific, industry-based application. The healthcare industry is incredibly competitive, especially in the digital marketing realm, so it would not be surprising to see hospital systems begin utilizing this gTLD to boost their SEO efforts.


The third new gTLD to enter the Sunrise Period this year is also the one with the most widespread potential usage. The period opened on January 23rd and will close on March 24th. It will be very interesting to see all the creative ways that companies build websites with this gTLD. Fun is certainly a universal concept, and it could be used for entertainment-based companies or to highlight special projects or events, much like Sony has done with their Lost in Music project.

One of the benefits with having so many gTLDs reaching widespread availability is how flexible it lets companies be with their web presence. With the largest continuously growing catalog of domains available for lease, we believe we can help you achieve your website and SEO goals. While these new domains go through their Sunrise Periods, you can contact us or explore our catalog to learn what other options are available in your industry.

CyberLease Packages its BUZZ Mascot Collection

CyberLease offers up it’s comprehensive .BUZZ Mascot Collection.  This is one of the very best collections of generic Top Level Domains available.  This collection was created in the spirit of sports journalism.   By using these domains for professional journalism, they don’t violate trademarks.   They can not be used to sell merchandise.   The Mascot Collection is intended for a national sports network or news media outlet.   .Buzz is the new journalism domain.  These domains are designed for Sports writing and sports journalism.  This is a one of a kind collection!

The entire collection of mascots is selling for $65,000,000.

Cyber Lease .BUZZ Mascot Collection PDF AD


Top Level Domains Are Selling Very Cheap

Top Selling Domains – January 2017

The internet is a fast-paced world, and the marketplace for new generic top level domains (gTLDs) is no different. To help keep you up to speed, we are starting a regular series highlighting the top selling gTLDs by month throughout the year. Here are the top selling domains for January, 2017.

  • 2.XYZ – $30,606
  • – $10,900
  • – $10,000
  • – $7,500
  • – $6,500
  • 420.SHOP – $5,000
  • LUXURY.CLUB – $5,000
  • GOLD.CLUB – $4,000
  • – 3,500 EUR
  • E.Hosting – $3,400
  • – $3,000
  • – $3,000
  • – $3,000
  • – $3,000
  • – $2,500
  • – $2,499

One thing that stands out with these websites is seeing the wide range of applications they will be used for. By combining a gTLD with a simple, short URL such as ‘’, you have a memorable website that you can tailor for that industry to perform well for SEO purposes. Others that sold are surely geared toward one specific market or product, but the theme of concise, easy to remember websites is clear.

This is the beginning a hot market for years to come.  Search engine optimization is now rewarding domains with the shortest root word in relevant categories.  Get your generic Top Level Domain today before they become priceless.

Most Expensive Domains Sold

Top 500 Domains Sold

Check out the latest list of the most expensive domains ever sold.  It will be interesting to see the value of new Top Level Domains when they are sold.   Click here to the see the top 500 domains sold to date.  

Top Level Domain’s popularity is surging because of their SEO features.

What to Look For In a Domain Name Lease Agreement

If you are looking into a generic top-level domain (gTLD) for either yourself or your business, chances are you have already researched the potential benefits. These new domain extensions allow for a creative mix in your SEO toolbox and can help you create a memorable URL while saving characters.

A lease agreement is a great way to capitalize on the rising stock of gTLDs while utilizing valuable capital in other areas. Much like all contracts, leasing a domain name is not the same across the board. These are the main things you want to consider and look for when discussing a potential domain lease agreement.

Rental vs. Lease to Own

Though they look similar on paper, the difference between having a rental agreement and a lease to own agreement can be significant down the road. Both options revolve around paying a regular monthly or annual fee to rent a domain, but the differences arise at the end of the lease terms. If you are pursuing a lease to own agreement, be sure to know if the rental payments lead to ownership or if there will still be a final payment after the lease to buy out the domain.

Know the Value

If you are leasing a gTLD, there may come a time that you will want to purchase the domain outright or transition to a lease-to-own. You should have a clear knowledge before entering an agreement on how the owner currently values the domain, and what, if any, could change that number between when you start your lease and consider a future purchase.

Who Controls the Domain

Part of establishing a strong relationship between yourself and the domain owner will be knowing who will hold the domain name during the lease. It can provide a sense of security to request a domain be held in escrow by a third party, especially if you are in a lease-to-own agreement. This protects you from having the domain sold to somebody else during your lease, and provides assurances of ownership to the original owner until the lease agreement is finalized.

Legal Concerns

Domain owners want to protect their property, so there may often be restrictions on use of the domain while in a lease agreement. They should be very clear with you on any such restrictions ahead of time. You will also want to do plenty of background research on your potential new domain to ensure you will not run into potential trademark issues. The last piece of your legal preparation should be gaining a clear understanding with the domain owner what their breach of contract process is should either party violate the terms of the agreement.

While it may seem like a lot to consider, you want to be sure that your domain lease agreement is the right fit for you and your business. As a general rule, you should treat the process with other lease-style transactions such as buying a car or renting an apartment: trusting your instincts and finding the right domain owner to work with can greatly improve your experience.

Explore the Top Selling Domain Names

There are nearly 100 domain names that have been sold for a million dollars or more; the highest of which sold in 2010 for $13 million. Exploring the highest-valued domains can help provide insight to the rising popularity of top-level domains. The list includes websites from all industries, many of which already have related top-level domain extensions available in the marketplace.

Record Top Level Domain Sales for 2016

Business and Finance

One of the most prevalent areas to show up on the list is the business and finance industry. Websites such as loans, creditcards, savings and mortgage .com have all been sold for over a million dollars. Likewise, the business and finance industry is one that has plenty of TLD extensions available, including .attorney, .credit and .mortgage.

Food and Beverage

The themes for the top selling domain names are in line with the biggest economic industries, and the food and beverage industry is no exception. General domains that have sold high include beer, wine, candy and Using an available extension such as .cafe, .coffee or .wine is a great way to get primary industry keywords into your URL without adding a lot of characters.


Though a broad category, shopping websites covering most common purchases are all in the top 100 highest sellers and include toys, clothes, autos and Along with .shopping, several product-specific TLD extensions have been made available such as .clothing, .jewelry and .diamonds.

TLD Benefits

While they continue to grow in popularity, a generic TLD extension can offer several benefits in a variety of uses. They are flexible for new or existing companies choosing to either build a new website or simply redirect to existing content. SEO results are constantly tweaked by Google, and a generic TLD can be another useful tool to continuously improve and manage your SEO rankings.

Leasing a gTLD can also be a much more cost effective option. You will be able to dedicate more money to other critical areas of your business and remain open to new opportunities to improve your organization’s internet presence. The lease option can help you gauge the true value of your gTLD and guide you down the road toward the possibility of a lease-to-own or outright purchase agreement.

Leasing gTLD Premium Domains Makes Sense

Leasing gTLD Premium Domain Names

With an ever-evolving Internet landscape, it may seem like endless work to maintain your company’s web presence. Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting out, building and maintaining a dynamic company website is an important component of your long-term success.

As premium top-level domain names have continued to become available to the public, there are even more options for building your company’s online portfolio. There are hundreds of generic top-level domains available, and there may be several different domains that could improve your SEO. Leasing gTLD or multiple of these domains as opposed to buying can be a very smart move for your business.

Flexibility for Existing Companies

For many established companies, leasing options for premium domain names can help protect your brand and fine-tune your SEO. Leasing gTLD affords the opportunity to focus on a consistent strategy for your web presence. If you have a well-seasoned website already built and are anxious at the prospect of moving your page, you can choose to redirect a top-level domain to your existing page. If your company is segmented, multiple domains would allow you to flush out different areas of operation with unique branding opportunities.

CyberLease Premium Domains 2

Financially Wise

Leasing a domain can be a much more affordable option than buying one; that is great news for any company, especially when considering multiple domains. The financing alone for a domain would likely include a lump sum down payment as well as interest paid over time. This frees up money that can be spent, among many options, building great content, marketing your business, or researching new products. For startups and emerging business, the ability to allocate money toward sales-driven funnels early on can mean the difference between sink and swim.

Long Term Planning

As new top-level domains continue to be released and integrated into regular use, leasing is a great option to maintain control of your long-term plans. While signs point to the SEO benefits and landscape-changing nature of the new domains, it’s hard to predict which ones will take off and see the most success. Maintaining a lease on domains relevant to your business will let you monitor the market and make smarter choices in where you invest your time and money as it relates to your organization’s Internet footprint.

Leasing gTLD domains also will help you should you decide to consider purchasing one outright. Seeing the results of a domain in action will help show its overall value. An understanding of the value once seeing results will help you decide if you should continue to lease, seek a lease-to-own agreement, or negotiate a full purchase.

Leasing Mega TLD Domains

Benefits of Lease To Own Domains at Cyber Lease

  • Low upfront costs – Spread payments over up to 2 to 5 years.
  • Immediate control – Develop and use the domain name while making payments.
  • Test the market – Launch your project and prove the concept before buying your top level domain (TLD).
  • Reduce business risk – End Lease-to-own after term without buying the domain.
  • In control – The buyer has complete control over the domain during the lease period.
  • Safe and secure – The domain is held securely by GoDaddy.
  • Transaction – The transaction is handled by a third-party escrow service.

Leasing your domain is a new way to pay for a new TLD.   Cyber Lease has an enormous inventory of the biggest mega category buster domains in the clothing, fashion, cafe, style, digital, farm, financial, and pet industries.