Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD).

CyberLease Introducing the gTLD

Introducing the generic Top Level Domain (gTLD).

CyberLease, LLC owns 2,209 gTLD’s.  They are for lease or sale.

The Internet is cleaning house with generic Top Level Domains.  Start Getting Powerful SEO Results with a Premium gTLD.

The Internet is categorizing itself.  The days of “long winded” .Com’s are finished.  If a website address is more than two words or not made of the root word of what a person is searching, it is very unlikely that the site will be found in the first few pages as these new gTLD’s take over SEO.   

There are just too many misspelled or conjured up words for websites.  The Internet has addressed this problem by introducing the generic Top Level Domain.  Most SEO experts call them gTLD’s.

The gTLD is changing the way companies host themselves online.  Lease or purchase a generic Top Level Domain from and start getting incredibly powerful SEO results.

By Sean Chalfin, Cyber.Lease CEO.