Leasing gTLD Premium Domains Makes Sense

Leasing gTLD Premium Domain Names

With an ever-evolving Internet landscape, it may seem like endless work to maintain your company’s web presence. Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting out, building and maintaining a dynamic company website is an important component of your long-term success.

As premium top-level domain names have continued to become available to the public, there are even more options for building your company’s online portfolio. There are hundreds of generic top-level domains available, and there may be several different domains that could improve your SEO. Leasing gTLD or multiple of these domains as opposed to buying can be a very smart move for your business.

Flexibility for Existing Companies

For many established companies, leasing options for premium domain names can help protect your brand and fine-tune your SEO. Leasing gTLD affords the opportunity to focus on a consistent strategy for your web presence. If you have a well-seasoned website already built and are anxious at the prospect of moving your page, you can choose to redirect a top-level domain to your existing page. If your company is segmented, multiple domains would allow you to flush out different areas of operation with unique branding opportunities.

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Financially Wise

Leasing a domain can be a much more affordable option than buying one; that is great news for any company, especially when considering multiple domains. The financing alone for a domain would likely include a lump sum down payment as well as interest paid over time. This frees up money that can be spent, among many options, building great content, marketing your business, or researching new products. For startups and emerging business, the ability to allocate money toward sales-driven funnels early on can mean the difference between sink and swim.

Long Term Planning

As new top-level domains continue to be released and integrated into regular use, leasing is a great option to maintain control of your long-term plans. While signs point to the SEO benefits and landscape-changing nature of the new domains, it’s hard to predict which ones will take off and see the most success. Maintaining a lease on domains relevant to your business will let you monitor the market and make smarter choices in where you invest your time and money as it relates to your organization’s Internet footprint.

Leasing gTLD domains also will help you should you decide to consider purchasing one outright. Seeing the results of a domain in action will help show its overall value. An understanding of the value once seeing results will help you decide if you should continue to lease, seek a lease-to-own agreement, or negotiate a full purchase.