Leasing Mega TLD Domains

Benefits of Lease To Own Domains at Cyber Lease

  • Low upfront costs – Spread payments over up to 2 to 5 years.
  • Immediate control – Develop and use the domain name while making payments.
  • Test the market – Launch your project and prove the concept before buying your top level domain (TLD).
  • Reduce business risk – End Lease-to-own after term without buying the domain.
  • In control – The buyer has complete control over the domain during the lease period.
  • Safe and secure – The domain is held securely by GoDaddy.
  • Transaction – The transaction is handled by a third-party escrow service.

Leasing your domain is a new way to pay for a new TLD.   Cyber Lease has an enormous inventory of the biggest mega category buster domains in the clothing, fashion, cafe, style, digital, farm, financial, and pet industries.